Roberto Mónico

Assistant Professor


I earned my PhD in the Comparative Ethnic Studies Department from the University of Colorado
Boulder with an emphasis in Critical Race Theory and Carceral Studies. I examine the criminal
legal system and how it marginalizes non-white, working-class communities, specifically African
Americans and Latina/o/x people. I am interested in researching legal policies, the history of
law enforcement, and the conditions of mass incarceration and hyper-policing created by them.
Such institutions, and their intentions, have not only been legitimized by the criminal legal
system but also propelled communities to challenge systems of oppression by organizing into
social, political, and resistance movements. I believe in supporting people who have endured
hyper-policing and the prison industrial complex because their experiences are critical to
empowering themselves and their communities. Amplifying their voices is vital because theory
without application will alienate us from those whom we purport to represent and serve. I have
worked with Underground Scholars Initiative, California Prison Focus, and Prison Activist
Resource Center.


"Los Angeles and William H. Parker: Race, Vice, and Police during the Red Scare." PhD diss.,
University of Colorado at Boulder, 2022]. ProQuest Dissertations Publishing.

“LAPD Chief William Parker and Donald Trump: Reflections on Right-Wing Leadership in the
United States” in Violence, Migration, and Detention during Trump’s Reign of Terror and Beyond
ed. Arturo Aldama and Jessica Ordaz (Arizona: University of Arizona Press, 2022)

Roberto  Mónico
(707) 826-4925