A minor is similar to a major but is less comprehensive. Although a minor is not required for graduation, many students find that a minor complements their studies and enhances their career opportunities. A minor must be completed in conjunction with a degree or credential program.

Program Descriptions

The Department of Critical Race, Gender and Sexuality Studies (CRGS) offers three minors.

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Comparative Ethnic Studies

Comparative Ethnic Studies uses interdisciplinary and cross-cultural comparative methods to provide diverse perspectives that challenge monolithic thinking about the formation of identities and societies. It reveals silenced and marginalized voices from different frames of cultural reference and helps students recognize how some voices seem silenced while others seem amplified in local, national, and global contexts. This program specifically explores and compares the experiences of American ethnic groups (such as African Americans, Latinos/as, Asian Americans, Native Americans, and Euro-Americans) at the local and national level. At the same time, it pushes students to think globally and reach beyond American borders.

Multicultural Queer Studies

The minor in Multicultural Queer Studies provides a rich mixture of interdisciplinary courses and community engagement and leadership opportunities. Students draw on classes from critical race, gender & sexuality studies, women’s studies, ethnic studies, political science, psychology, education, sociology, theater arts, English, and other disciplines to study political and cultural issues related to sexual identity, sex, gender identity, and sexuality in a multicultural, multiracial, and multidisciplinary context.

Women’s Studies

Our minor curriculum offers students the analytical tools for understanding gender as it is constructed within and through differences of ethnicity, class, sexuality, and nationality. It enables students to interpret the diverse lives, issues, and voices of women in our multicultural and transnational world.

Catalog Descriptions

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Minor Contracts

Students pursuing a minor should meet with a CRGS advisor to fill out a Minor Contract.