Career Opportunities

Students with a CRGS major graduate with core liberal arts skills in critical thinking, research, writing, and organization.  The CRGS curriculum foregrounds dialogue and active learning, therefore students graduate with strong communication and leadership skills, and an ability to work well in groups and independently.  In addition to these skills, CRGS graduates will have a complex understanding of diversity, providing them with the following competitive career skills:

  • An understanding of the institutional, personal, and interpersonal dimensions of class, race, gender, sexuality, physical ability, age, and nationality.
  • The resourcefulness to engage ethically with both differences and commonalties.
  • The ability to communicate effectively across difference.

CRGS graduates will be prepared to enter fields such as politics and government, business, social services, activism, community organizing, and other jobs in the non-profit sector.  In addition, CRGS alumnae will be in a strong position to enter and successfully complete graduate study programs in a number of disciplines, as well as professional and credential programs, leading to a range of career paths including social work, library science, education (on K-12, community college, and university levels), and in health care (counselor, psychologist, midwife, doctor, nurse, hospice, and hospital counseling). Graduates will also be well-prepared for careers in law (civil rights attorney, legal representation for domestic abuse and violence cases, as well as human rights law).