Loren Cannon


Loren received his Ph.D. in Philosophy at Arizona State University in 2006. Loren specializes in trans-theory, feminist ethics, applied ethics, ethical theory, and metaethics. His publications have focused on trans-theory, feminist ethics, collective responsibility and collective belief. Loren has presented nationally and internationally on trans-related subjects, as well as other topics in philosophical ethics. For MQS and WS minors, Loren teaches a course on Trans-Lives and Theory.

“Firestonian Futures and Trans-Affirming Presents” in Hypatia: A Journal of Feminist Philosophy, Spring 2016.
“Masculine Vulnerabilities and Human Connections,” a chapter in Manning Up: Transsexual Men on Finding Brotherhood, Family, and Themselves. Transgress Press. 2014.
“Moral Taint: Narrative and Identity” in Journal of Philosophy in the Contemporary World, Spring 2011.
“Trans-marriage and the Unacceptability of Same-Sex Restrictions.” Social Philosophy Today: Gender, Diversity, and Difference, 2009.
"Valuing: Individual and Collective" in Public Affairs Quarterly, Oct. 2007
"Compassion: A Rebuttal of Nussbaum" as a chapter in Feminist Interventions in Ethics and Politics, 2005
Loren Cannon
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