Kim Berry


Kim's research, teaching, and activist interests include transnational, postcolonial and intersectional feminisms; transnational and postcolonial queer theory; theories of space, place and identity; the gendered and racialized effects of neoliberal globalization; and the ethics of transnational feminist research.

She currently teaches the following courses: "Queer Across Cultures," "Sex Gender Globalization," "Act to End Sexualized Violence," and "Theory and Methods."

Her published writings include:

“Cultural Politics of Gendered Identity, Place and Positionality,” co-authored with Shubhra Gururani, in Himalaya (2014, Volume 34, Number 1, pp. 36-42).

“Single but Not Alone: The Journey from Stigma to Collective Identity through Himachal’s Single Women’s Movement” in Himalaya (2014, Volume 34, Number 1, pp. 43-55).

"Disowning Dependence: Single Women's Collective Struggle for Independence and Land Rights in Northwestern India" in Feminist Review (2011, issue 98, pp. 136-152).

"Good Women, Bad Women and the Dynamics of Oppression and Resistance in Kangra, India" Humboldt Journal of Social Relations, 2007.

"Lakshmi and the Scientific Housewife: A Transnational Account of Indian Women's Development and the Production of an Indian Modernity" Economic and Political Weekly (Volume XXXVIII, No. 11, March 15, 2003).

Since 2005, Kim has been engaging in transnational feminist praxis with Ekal Nari Sangathan (ENSS) or the Association of Empowered Single Women in northwestern India. (See the blog for this movement, including a video of their 2008 march for dignity and economic survival, and a link to Kim's lecture on the movement.)

Kim earned her PhD in Anthropology from Cornell University in 1997. At Humboldt, she was hired to transform WS from a minor program into an academic major. She worked with colleagues to design the Multicultural Queer Studies minor, and later to found the Department of Critical Race, Gender and Sexuality Studies. Kim currently serves as the Chair of CRGS.

She is also the Chair of the Sexual Assault Prevention Committee. This committee strives to better address, and ultimately prevent, sexualized and all other forms of violence on campus. Since 2012, the Committee, under the leadership of Kim Berry and Maxwell Schnurer, has received three iterations of the Campus Grant Award from the Department of Justice to help Humboldt prevent and respond to sexual assault, dating and domestic violence and stalking (for a total of $850,000). 




Kim Berry
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