Critical Race, Gender and Sexuality Studies (CRGS) is an undergraduate program focused on the critical examination of race, class, gender, sexuality, dis/ability and nation as intersecting categories of identity, oppression and resistance.

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The CRGS B.A. degree offers three concentrations:

Ethnic Studies  Multicultural Queer Studies  Women’s Studies


Chuck D Event

Annual Hip Hop Conference

April 23–25th, 2024

Created by Afro-descendant populations in the United States, Hip Hop is a genre that has proliferated nearly every corner of the globe. From its early inception until now, Hip Hop has evolved into not only an artform but also a cultural movement inciting social action. During this, our tenth annual conference, we will explore how Hip Hop has reached a global audience and acted as a catalyst for the formation of new worldviews for the last fifty years.

11th Annual Hip Hop Conference Days Events

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