Alumni Updates

Kamilah Barajas, 2015

Kamilah Barajas, 2015 Critical Race, Gender, and Ethnicity Studies, is on the steering committee for Next Generation Eureka, a nonprofit that works to make Eureka, Calif., a more attractive place for young adults. Barajas worked at North Star Quest Camp for girls following graduation and just recently started at North Coast Rape Crisis Team as a full-time Client Advocate. 

Cherrish Robinson, 2014

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Kim Berry, Department Chair
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Career Opportunities

Students with a CRGS major graduate with core liberal arts skills in critical thinking, research, writing, and organization.  The CRGS curriculum foregrounds dialogue and active learning, therefore students graduate with strong communication and leadership skills, and an ability to work well in groups and independently.  In addition to these skills, CRGS graduates will have a complex understanding of diversity, providing them with the following competitive career skills:

Certificate in Women's Studies

The Certificate in Women’s Studies may be pursued by students who have already completed a Bachelor’s degree and who want to complement their prior studies with an exposure to Women’s Studies. It is also pursued by students who do not have the flexibility to double major, yet who want more in-depth knowledge of Women’s Studies than a minor may offer.


A minor is similar to a major but is less comprehensive. Although a minor is not required for graduation, many students find that a minor complements their studies and enhances their career opportunities. A minor must be completed in conjunction with a degree or credential program.

Program Descriptions

The Department of Critical Race, Gender and Sexuality Studies (CRGS) offers three minors.

Major Requirements

The CRGS curriculum uses an intersectional feminist analysis as well as social, environmental, and reproductive justice perspectives to examine and address some of the major issues of our time. Courses introduce prominent debates in critical social theory and provide students with the opportunity to engage intersectional analysis to examine gendered, racialized, and/or sexualized relations in a transnational context. CRGS courses equip students with strong critical thinking, writing, and leadership skills.


The Home of CouRaGeouS Learning, Scholarship and Action! 

CouRaGeouS Cuentos: A Journal of


 CouRaGeouS Cuentos is comprised of cuentos (narratives) written and edited by students enrolled in the ES 107: Chican@/Latin@ Lives class (see the second issue).