CRGS Response to Federal Proposal to Redefine Gender

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Dear Students, Staff and Faculty,

Recently the New York Times reported on a leaked memo out of the office of Health and Human Services identifying a potential change in policy with regard to how the notion of “gender” is understood by the federal government.  Since then, there has been a dramatic response in the form of political protests, conversations via social media, and hopefully plenty of shared support amongst all those affected by this news.

We understand that this news is dispiriting and scary.  This is not the first attack on the rights of LGBTQI folks over the last several years, but it is the most damaging proposed policy yet that targets trans and gender non-conforming individuals. For those of us committed to equity, justice and diversity, these are difficult times.

CRGS welcomes new Assistant Professor, Nancy Pérez!

Nancy Pérez teaches Chican@/Latinx Lives and Growing Up Chicana/Latino. Her research interests include Mexican and Central American migration, immigrant labor, transnationalism, cultures of resistance, and theoretical perspectives on the body and pain. Her work has examined the domestic worker experience and the ways the occupation has transformed workers’ bodies through time. She has also conducted research on the domestic worker rights movement in the U.S., publishing an article titled “Migrant Domestic Workers and the Changing Landscape of Activism.” More recently, she has written on the embodied memories of first and second-generation youth and their experience accompanying their parents to work for most of their lives.


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 CouRaGeouS Cuentos is comprised of cuentos (narratives) written and edited by students enrolled in the ES 107: Chican@/Latin@ Lives class (see the second issue). This project, under the leadership of CRGS faculty member Maria Corral-Ribordy and CRGS major Carlos Molina, with the support of Dean Oberlander and the library staff, the College of Arts, Humanities and Social Sciences, along with the department of Critical Race, Gender and Sexuality Studies, lies at the intersection of best practices for student learning and student retention. Not only are students writing for publication, and thus seeing themselves as active producers of knowledge, but they are filling a void in the academy, as their stories and the stories of their communities have largely been missing.


Outstanding Faculty

Congratulations to CRGS faculty member Maral Attallah, recipient of the Excellence in Teaching Award - Lecturer Faculty!

Congratulations to CRGS major Cherrish Courtney-Lynn Robinson, recipient of the HSU Outstanding Student Award!

CRGS Faculty who have received Outstanding Faculty Awards within the last few years:

  • Maral Attallah, Outstanding Lecturer
  • Loren Cannon, Outstanding Lecturer
  • Christina Accomando, Outstanding Faculty
  • Maria Corral-Ribordy, Exceptional Service
  • Ramona Bell, Exceptional Service
  • Barbara Curiel, Philip Levine Poetry Award


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