Alumni Updates

Kamilah Barajas, 2015

Kamilah Barajas, 2015 Critical Race, Gender, and Ethnicity Studies, is on the steering committee for Next Generation Eureka, a nonprofit that works to make Eureka, Calif., a more attractive place for young adults. Barajas worked at North Star Quest Camp for girls following graduation and just recently started at North Coast Rape Crisis Team as a full-time Client Advocate. 

Cherrish Robinson, 2014

Cherrish Robinson, ’14 Critical Race, Gender & Sexuality Studies, is graduating this May from Michigan State University with a M.A. in Student Affairs Administration. Cherrish is currently looking for jobs. Robinson wishes to pursue a career in the education pipeline (both K-12 and Post-secondary education), specifically in the administrative or policy related capacity. Within higher education, Robinson is interested in the functional areas of multicultural student affairs, TRIO/EOP, student success and retention, transfer student services, and academic advising. Robinson is also searching in the non-profit realm with a focus on community capacity building, K-12 education reform, high education access and preparation, and diversity and inclusion training and education. 

Tamara Iraheta, 2015

Tamara Iraheta, 2015 Critical Race, Gender & Sexuality Studies, currently works as an Americorp member in the Louisiana Delta Service Corps based in New Orleans. Iraheta is a Community Engagement Coordinator at a non-profit organization call STAR (Sexual Trauma Awareness & Response). Ihareta’s position focuses on social change on issues that surround sexualized violence.